Riga Municipal Police

25 years ago the frame of the Riga Municipal Police was formed by the law enforcers, involved within the Third National Awakening movement, and initially those were just 130 young, enthusiastic men.
Since then, our numbers, provisions and professionalism have greatly grown, but even now, just as it was before, we are working for the city and its’ citizens. Our priorities are (and always will be) being freely accessible for the inhabitants of Riga, prompt responses to any events, immediately assisting those in need, as well as quality cooperation with the community.
We realize that excellent performance of the daily duties by each of our officers is exceedingly important to justify the trust of the community we have gained over these years and to reach even new heights. We are certain as well about the role of the support of the community in order to reach our shared goal – a feeling of security for all the denizens and guests of the city. We pursue this goal by abiding to the principles of integrity, professionalism, accountability, continuous improvement, development, and by performing our duties in good faith.
Our work – for your safety!